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Mike Davis Headshot
CEO, Founder

Mike Davis

Mike has been working professionally with computers and networks since 1996. He has experience with physical and virtual servers, wired and wireless networks including wireless bridges, Office 365, among other things. In 2014 he started Extra Mile Technology Services to help small business bring their networks up to the next level and meet their compliance needs.

Jamie Davis

Jamie handles the bookkeeping and human resources.

Jamie handles the bookkeeping and human resources.

Tom Longtin

Ethan Trupiano


Gavin Davis

Gavin occasionally works in the office.

Gavin occasionally works in the office.

MJ Linzy-Long


Amelia Brosnan

Our Timeline

History of Extra Mile

Extra Mile purchases domain name extramile-tech.com

February Mike left full time job to focus on Extra Mile + Hires first employee in September

April Extra Mile hires third employee and moves to 17 E Genesee St

November Extra Mile moves to 32 E Genesee St and hires fourth employee

March Extra Mile does more remote work tickets in two weeks than all other years combined in response to COVID

January Extra Mile posts first security awareness video to YouTube + January Extra Mile closes out 10,000 tickets

June Extra Mile closes out 20,000 ticket

January Extra Mile exceeds 600 end user devices under contract