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Setting a Verizon OneTalk phone back to Yealink firmware

By April 5, 2019June 18th, 2020No Comments

If you are leaving Verizon Onetalk and want to reuse your rebranded Yealink T46G, Verizon doesn’t make it easy.  If you try to web in to the phone, you’ll find that the web interface is disabled.  Here’s the process summary:

  1. Disconnect the phone from the network and power it on.
  2. Do a factory reset (don’t connect it yet)
  3. Enable the web interface and reboot it (don’t connect it yet)
  4. After the phone has completely booted, plug in the network cable
  5. Web in to the phone
  6. Upload the current firmware from yealink

I found the steps above on reddit.

I have to admit it took me a couple tries because if you don’t follow the steps exactly, the process won’t work.  I should also add that calling Verizon for help is about the last thing you’d want to do. They will tell you that all the lines have to be canceled off your account for it to stop provisioning and other stuff that they make up as they go.

The process is easier if you have a Yealink power adapter. 

Unplug the data cable and restart the phone.

If your phone is running the Verizon firmware, the menu will be all red icons like this:

When you try to open the advanced menu, the admin password is admin, but you have to put in the password like an old school cell phone 23466644 so that it reads admin. Go under the advanced menu and select Reset & Reboot.  Then select Reset to factory settings.

Say yes to the warning.

The phone will boot and look the same.  Go under the advanced menu (
you have to put in the password like an old school cell phone 23466644 so that it reads admin. )and this time go under networking.  You will now have a new entry under # 3.  Select Webserver type and enable port 80.

Let the phone reboot and connect it to the network after it has fully booted.  Press the OK button twice to see the IP address.  Open up a web browser and log in.  By default the username is admin and the password is 23646  (it’s like spelling out admin on the dial pad) (If that doesn’t work, I’ve heard reports that “admin” will work.)

Once logged in, click the settings tab and then upgrade.  Go to

To get the latest Yealink firmware.  Click upgrade and let the phone reboot.

As it reboots you’ll notice it reboots with a different screen than the Verizon one.