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Copy Paste Ninja

By September 29, 2017April 12th, 2019No Comments

Have you ever stood behind someone that moved text around the screen like some kind of keyboard ninja?  They were probably using keyboard short cuts.  With a few basic keyboard short cuts you can move text around faster than your mouse wielding coworkers.  Here are the basics you must know:

Short cut        What it does

ctrl c               copy

ctrl x              cut

ctrl v              paste

alt tab          switches between windows

 For example, to copy some text from a word document and paste it to an email, you would select the text with your mouse, and then hold down the “ctrl” key and press the “c” key.  Then flip to the email and hold down “ctrl” and press “v”. To really impress your coworkers, you can flip between the windows by holding down the “alt” key and pressing “tab”.

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