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The Meaningful Subject Line

By September 29, 2017No Comments

In 2016 the average person received 88 emails per day and sent 34.  If we only spend one minute per email that’s still a huge chunk of our work day.  How many times do you stop what you’re doing to read an email to find out it wasn’t urgent, important, or even relevant to you?  

There are a few things we can do to help each other spend less time on the handling email and more time on our jobs.  Perhaps the biggest thing we can do is use a meaningful subject in every email we send.  

Have you ever got an email with a subject of “help”?  Our natural response is to stop what we’re doing and read the email.  The body of the email could be “I have a client that I need help with right now.” Or “Thanks for your help the other day.”  Either way if you’re searching for the email later, it will be hard to find.  Also, if you’re on the one sending the email, using a meaningful subject helps you organize the responses.  Remember, if it’s worth sending, it’s worth a meaningful subject.

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